Marketing is made up of a little bit of creativity, and a whole lot of passion

Your company is making a difference. We want to be apart of that!

Mission Statement

Mars Hill Marketing is dedicated to providing personalized attention to every client’s business, brand, and dream

Our goal is to use our expertise to help businesses grow while using different outbound and inbound marketing strategies - Eli Nupanga,

We know that every company is so much more than the numbers. While our goal is always to help you increase revenue, we know that this goal comes from somewhere way deeper than your wallet. It all starts with your story. 

Every good company starts with a dream to make a difference. This is what we look for in the people we work with. This is what we aim to market.

What is your passion? 

What is the story behind what you do and why you do it?

What is your ultimate goal for the impact your company can make?

How can we help you to get there?

For us, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the WHY. We can’t wait to learn your WHY.


Meet Your Team


Alycia Luetkehans

Chief Creative Officer

Eli Nupanga

Chief Marketing Officer- Founder

Jasmine Ramos

Digital Marketing Specialsit

Sarah Tucker

Digital Marketing Manager

We Love Giving Back

We recently had the privilege of working with a great startup organization to help them set up a platform where they can get their mission heard. Fix Chicago is dedicated to ending the euthanasia of all healthy and treatable shelter animals by combating animal homelessness through the power of community engagement.

Here are a few examples of marketing material we designed for them: 


Your company is making a difference. We want to be apart of that!