Colors, and the Psychology of Marketing (Part two)

Posted by Alycia Luetkehans | Apr 10, 2020 2:20:57 PM


Let's think Planet Fitness, Lyft, and Crown royal. All of these companies represent royalty, wisdom, or respect in some fashion. Researchers believe that the color itself is used to stimulate thinking and problem solving, which is how it best relates to lyft and planet fitness. When we think of Lyft, we think of a more conventional version of transportation. No longer do we have to wait for a bus or pay the high costs of a taxi. We look it up on our phone and they come get us for a flat rate. This symbolizes respect for you and your time and wisdom through a wiser innovation on a new normality. 
Planet Fitness tries to capture the same idea by striving to change the world of working out. No longer will you get judged at the gym, and no longer will people be afraid to workout. Planet Fitness offers you the respect you deserve at the gym, and this message is captured with its color choice.

Yellow and Orange


Let's think of McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Snapchat, and Nickolodeon. These colors create a sense of anxiety that promotes impulse. This is how it works so well for McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts. With fast food restaurants impulse is a key quality. The colors suggest a sense of urgency in the craving. The colors are also considered very cheerful, and promote optimism. This is a strong quality for both Nickelodeon and Snapchat. Both are cheerful mediums, that strive to promote the same joy in those who consume it. 


Let's think Nike, Adidas, HBO, and Amazon. The color black symbolizes authority and power, along with strength and stability. We see the significance of this in the the sport brands such such as Nike and Adidas. It symbolizes the power of the team or the authority of the athlete. You can also see this superiority in HBO and Amazon, and they tend to stand as the elite in the field. HBO strives to send a signal of superiority in comparison to other TV channels. Most people pay extra for it, and it offers exclusive shows that you cannot watch anywhere else. Amazon offers it's own form of superiority as the largest internet market. Amazon also illustrates a sense of intelligence, branching into other fields through innovation, and outshining many other networks. It is important to note, that the power of the color black can work in favor of your brand, however, it can become overwhelming if it is overused. There is a particular balance that should be exercised if it is used.



Let's think of Apple, NASA, and LinkedIn. Now, naturally, none of these Logo's are purely White because no one would actually see it, but all of these companies chose to put their name in white on the logo. This is extremely significant in marketing, as white creates the feeling of purity, cleanliness, and safety. When we think of Apple, the whole feeling of the store and product is a crisp and clean space of creativity and innovation. This represents both the product itself and what it will be used for. When we think of NASA we think of the same form of innovation, just in a different sector. We think of the purity of outer space, and the meticulous nature of each mission. And when we think of LinkedIn, it also connects in a weird way. LinkedIn is all about the crisp nature of professionalism. Where other social medial sites allow for more humanity, LinkedIn is purely for the professional, and because of this the site must remain pure.

So as mentioned before, color is so much more than just a design. The color you choose for your company can say more than words at times. If you are currently in the process of choosing your company's colors, let the marketing minds of Mars Hill Marketing help you choose the right look to best describe you and what you have to offer. Contact Us Today

Written by Alycia Luetkehans