Three Benefits of a Brand Ambassador

Posted by Alycia Luetkehans | May 16, 2020 10:43:55 AM



The world of social media awoke a whole new type of marketing as many companies began to utilize brand ambassadors. So what exactly is a brand ambassador and how can it enhance your own marketing?


A brand ambassador is a person who represents a company and markets it through positive word of mouth. This person will likely embody the brand in which she endorses. This is most common on social media for clothing brands, but can be effective for a variety of products. The ambassador will likely post a picture of herself with the item, along with a short praise of the brand. In result she shares a trustworthy opinion to all of her followers.


So why would a brand ambassador be a positive addition to your marketing strategy?


Positive Word of Mouth 


As mentioned in previous blogs, word-of-mouth is quickly becoming the most effective form of marketing. Because customer skepticism is increasing at such a fast rate the traditional forms of advertising to the masses is losing its effectiveness. Many people on instagram have attracted followers simply by their life style, and they become a positive influence in result. These are the types of people you want to promote your product. to help you break through the clutter of the market. Customer's don't always want to hear what you have to say about your own product. They will be much more likely to listen to what a trusted role model has to say about your product instead.  


Humanize Your Product


Not only do people not always want to hear what you have to say about your product, they especially don't want to hear what a paid actor has to say about your product. A brand ambassador adds authenticity and humanization back into the product that the traditional means of advertising tends to remove. Many times a brand ambassador is not promoting your product just to promote your product, but is instead promoting it in an every day life setting. People would much rather by a product promoted with a life touch, then through an online advertisement. Although you most likely create your brand through your logos and mottos, it is important to let others brand your product as well simply through every day practicality. As humans, we tend to be influenced by truth, and in that truth we tend to mimic other's behaviors. This is much more effective if the behaviors being mimicked are those of an actual human simply being human.

Cost Effective Marketing


Think about it, what would be the difference in the cost of hiring actors, a set, and a camera crew versus having real people with real influence live their life while promoting your product in everyday activities. The difference in price is incredible, and the crazy thing is, the cheaper option is typically more effective in this case. Most credible brand ambassadors are extremely cost effective. Some are even willing to promote your product for no cost other than perks and discounts. So whether your are choosing one person to promote your product multiple times, or multiple people to promote your product just one or two times, you will likely expand an incredible reach of potential customers for less than half the price of traditional advertising.

If you think brand ambassador marketing might be the right fit, or even if you are still unsure about what style of marketing would be the best fit for your unique business, contact Mars Hill Marketing today, and let us help design a plan best for you. 

Written by Alycia Luetkehans